Hey guys hope you are all well . I know I have been MIA but I have a lot on which I will tell you soon so bare with me please. This weekend gone we had 3 events in one day which I thought there was no way we could make all of them. Summer is always the season for parties, wedding etc but I have not gone to a wedding yet so hopefully I do go to one this summer lol.

The first event we went to was Jerome’s football end of season presentation which he was presented with a lovely trophy, which thankfully started on time and finished , then we went back hour to change as we had an hour and the place was close to home. We then went to my friend’s son’s 3rd birthday party which we stayed for an hour and a half, we were supposed to stay for an hour but we were having fun and chatting that I did not realise the time had gone. So then we had to go back home to change and leave the kids with my sister to babysit for us to go to my friend’s husband’s birthday dinner and thankfully my sister came to ours so did not have to divert to my mum’s. the rush we were in was just madness but we were able to make it on time and being that we were going to the city (Central London) I was impressed we made it on time with no traffic until we had to come back.

So it was a full, fun filled,tiring,hectic day but we made all the events and tried to recover on Sunday but then Sunday was Father’s day and because we had been out the day before hubby just wanted a chilled day so we took the kids to the park and we played some tennis. overall a good weekend.

Moral of the story is enjoy life to the fullest and make time for your loved ones.

Love Me x

P.s – check out the pictures in style and my blessings section.


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