Hey guys so the last 2 weeks have been quite busy trying to entertain the kids. Since coming back from our holiday we have been chilling but as we parents know you can’t keep these children indoors lol. So I took them to a paddling pool in our area as the heatwave is on in UK so they were able to cool off. I think this summer has been good to me as my heat rash did not flare up as much, now I don’t know if that’s because I avoided the sun whenever I could or because of the medicine I was using but either way I am happy it did not run my summer. We also went on a Pokemon hunt as Jerome is so into finding them. Its crazy that I used to watch the cartoons when I was younger and now my kids are into them like its gone full circle. It was also Jerome’s 7th birthday last week and we went cinema, I still can’t believe my baby is 7! its crazy I just see him being a baby but they have to grow up sometime. We also went to one of my friend’s baby christening which was an experience! ( it was all on my Snapchat, add me forevermabss1 and checkout the vlog). My friend is from Ghana so when we went to church it was like a night club because every song they sang (they were singing in their language) they were up proper dancing and we were sat there like ok! lol so it was definitely an experience.  So moral of the story, enjoy your babies before they leave the nest.

Love Me xx


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