I can’t believe summer holidays are finished! it feels like they just broke off for summer a few weeks ago. I think its because we went away this year so we were not home for 6 weeks where the last few years we have been home for the 6 weeks. So today the kids are back to school and when my 2 got dressed i looked at them like woah when did you get this tall and grown?!. When they put on their uniforms its like they transformed into these grown up, tall children! I was looking at them in amazement and I felt quite emotionally as my oldest (Faith) is now in her last year of primary school and my youngest (Jerome) now is in key stage 2 (year 3).



Guys who else feels like  the primary school stage goes way too fast??

I know quiet a lot of parents are happy that their kids are returning to school and as I was about to drop mine at the school gates this guy said to me your getting your freedom back but I was like no am going to miss my babies :-(. But am sure they will have a fun filled first day back.

Moral of the story,  we can not control our children’s growth we can only cherish our time with them before they fly away from the nest!


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