I would like to introduce our new bundles of joy, Mr Uriyah and Miss Bella born 7 weeks ago.

What a WOW!these last 7 weeks have been I still cant believe I carried twins and have twins! They are such a blessing. The delivery was full of heartache, happiness, sadness, tears….. I made a vlog about the delivery so go check it out as i will be here forever if I try to type it out lol. (Link 👉 but that’s what I have been doing the last 7 weeks, taking care of these babas and trying to get in some kind of routine. I am also back to doing school runs which I was scared of doing as I was afraid the twins would end up both crying and I would not be able to soothe them (which they have done a couple of times lol) but l was able to handle it! 💪😏

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Love Me X



So i have been MIA (for good reason) if you follow me on any of my social media accounts you will know i am pregnant! With twins! So i decided to just take time out and enjoy the pregnancy and i was forever tired so been sleeping alot. As am writing this am laying on the hospital bed waiting to be taken into theatre for my c section to deliver the babies!! Ekk. We could have gone another week but the babies have not put on any weight for 2 weeks and the liquid surrounding them have decreased so the consultant thought its best to get them out.

Overall the pregnancy has been good with no major issues and i still cant believe am having twins! But am ready for them to arrive and start our life as a family of 6! Bring it on! 💪

Love Me x


So Faith is starting secondary school in September and we have to order her uniform from this one store which does all the secondary school uniforms in my area, now when i was in secondary school we used to be able to get our uniforms from loads of different stores just like in primary school where you can buy them from stores like Asda, Sainsbury Marks and Spencers etc.

Now days secondary schools have turned into money sucking vampires! They have to wear blazers and ties that have six strips! 😕 oh and you cant just get basic jogging bottoms for P.E oh no the kit has to have the school logo and everthing now i would not mind all of this but guess how much all this costs? Almost £300!!! Like what??? Really? Why?

I just really find it so unnecessary and ridiculous to have to spend this amount of money on a school uniform now imagine you have twins (like a friend of mine) thats £600!!! Thats almost a month salary. Whewww! Rant over 😂😂😅😌

So if you have kids in primary school get ready to spend a wad of money to pay for these so called uniforms like they are going to improve their learning smh.

Love Me x

Going Through Changes

Hey guys, so it’s been awhile since i have done a blog post and the last few months have been time i have taken to work out some life changes. I have not really posted on my social media platforms either which is quite different for me as am always posting something lol.

But i am hoping to get back to blogging ASAP though i might focus more on my lifestyle but we shall see. Onto a better note the kids have broken off for summer holidays (yes!!!) So happy as i don’t have to do school runs and be up at the break of dawn! Though i need to find places and ways to entertain these kids.

Oh my fifi (faith) has finished primary school this year and will be going to secondary school in September 😭😭😢. I just can’t get over her going to secondary school she’s still my litttle baby girl but i thank god for bringing her this far and now its a new chapter for her which am sure she will enjoy.

So thats some of the stuff that’s been going on in my household and i hope you all are having a brilliant summertime/break.

Love Me X