Recently I have began to become confident with going out with the twins and not panic. When i first had them I was so scared and nervous about how I would cope being by myself with them and what I would do if they needed feeding and am alone. Since going back to doing school runs I have created a routine which work for me when am by myself without any help.

Since their last feed before I get up to get ready for the school runs is at around 4ish I take with me a feed for them which I give them around 9 once I drop my son off, once I am done I try and get home ASAP! as they tend to want to be held (especially the boy) after their feed.

I have also mastered putting together the pram which also gave me anxiety in the beginning because at the time it looked so massive and I was so overwhelmed with it but as times gone by and I have put them in and set it up it does not look that big anymore. Today someone said to me I should put a sign on the pram saying long vehicle coming through hahaha which I found kinda funny.


Now if you look at my pram its not the usual or common one up and one down. I did not want the one up and one down because to me it was not that spacious for the babies, I also though the baby at the bottom would have felt the cold and they were too close to the ground for my liking. I also did not like that the babies could not see each other to interact so luckily we found this pram called ABC ZOOM. I really love this pram although putting the bassinets on was a bit tricky nut we mastered it in the end. The only complaint I have about this pram is the car seats fitting on, it is only compatible with about three different types of car seats which don’t come cheap and then you have to buy the adapters to connect the car seats and the pram so that just too much for me and also my friend had bought me cars seats as presents so now we leave the car seats in the car and transfer the twins into the bassinets when we are out.

Overall I feel I have mastered going out with me and am confident enough to do it by myself at this stage though I don’t know when they start moving around and walking how that will be lol but am sure we will master that stage too.

Love Me x



So a week ago it was my closest friend’s birthday, me and hubby and a few of her friends went out for a meal. I had not gone out for a meal in a while and I took the time to glam up! (yasssss hunny)


It was one of the best nights out I have had in a while and it wasn’t because we went clubbing or anything, its just we were able to chill and enjoy each others company and crack jokes lol. After dinner we all went back to my friends house and just chilled and had some music on and just had a fun filled evening. I honestly prefer this kind of night in or out now days instead of going clubbing, so maybe this make me old or that I have grown up but I really enjoyed myself.


We also went without the children which does not happen often!. I actually do not remember the last time me and hubby went out without our the children. I am one of them parents who feel guilty if I go out without my children, I don’t know why but I feel like they should always come out with us as we had them and they are our responsibility  ( I know guys my thinking is crazy but let me know what you think and if your like me or not lol). But we had fun and we need to have more time for us as we have just got into a routine where we don’t have time for us because having kids can be draining and your so busy getting them to their activities that you forget about yourself and your partner.20160910_001709

So the moral of the story is, make time for you and your partner or just for you because we all need a  break soon or later.

Love Me X


Hey guys so the last 2 weeks have been quite busy trying to entertain the kids. Since coming back from our holiday we have been chilling but as we parents know you can’t keep these children indoors lol. So I took them to a paddling pool in our area as the heatwave is on in UK so they were able to cool off. I think this summer has been good to me as my heat rash did not flare up as much, now I don’t know if that’s because I avoided the sun whenever I could or because of the medicine I was using but either way I am happy it did not run my summer. We also went on a Pokemon hunt as Jerome is so into finding them. Its crazy that I used to watch the cartoons when I was younger and now my kids are into them like its gone full circle. It was also Jerome’s 7th birthday last week and we went cinema, I still can’t believe my baby is 7! its crazy I just see him being a baby but they have to grow up sometime. We also went to one of my friend’s baby christening which was an experience! ( it was all on my Snapchat, add me forevermabss1 and checkout the vlog). My friend is from Ghana so when we went to church it was like a night club because every song they sang (they were singing in their language) they were up proper dancing and we were sat there like ok! lol so it was definitely an experience.  So moral of the story, enjoy your babies before they leave the nest.

Love Me xx


Hey guys hope you are all well . I know I have been MIA but I have a lot on which I will tell you soon so bare with me please. This weekend gone we had 3 events in one day which I thought there was no way we could make all of them. Summer is always the season for parties, wedding etc but I have not gone to a wedding yet so hopefully I do go to one this summer lol.

The first event we went to was Jerome’s football end of season presentation which he was presented with a lovely trophy, which thankfully started on time and finished , then we went back hour to change as we had an hour and the place was close to home. We then went to my friend’s son’s 3rd birthday party which we stayed for an hour and a half, we were supposed to stay for an hour but we were having fun and chatting that I did not realise the time had gone. So then we had to go back home to change and leave the kids with my sister to babysit for us to go to my friend’s husband’s birthday dinner and thankfully my sister came to ours so did not have to divert to my mum’s. the rush we were in was just madness but we were able to make it on time and being that we were going to the city (Central London) I was impressed we made it on time with no traffic until we had to come back.

So it was a full, fun filled,tiring,hectic day but we made all the events and tried to recover on Sunday but then Sunday was Father’s day and because we had been out the day before hubby just wanted a chilled day so we took the kids to the park and we played some tennis. overall a good weekend.

Moral of the story is enjoy life to the fullest and make time for your loved ones.

Love Me x

P.s – check out the pictures in style and my blessings section.



Hey guys how you are having a lovely Sunday. We were supposed to go Church today but we woke up late so we are just going to have a chilled Sunday at home. The heat has gone down was much needed because my heat has started to flare up so having a rest from the sun and calm’s it down, So its a cloudy day which I don’t mind at all as long as its not cold. Yesterday we went out to Chelmsford for a day out and to get out of Harlow for the day  and to do some much needed retail shopping but we did not really get much. The area we live don’t have much entertainment going on or anything else for that matter lol but its a lovely place to bring up a family and its quite. My sister came over as well for the weekend which was good as I have not seen her for a minute and the kids were very happy to see her too. She is in the process of doing her GCSE’s so she is a book bee at the moment. Check out our OOTD below.

Love Me x


(I was telling Steve (my partner) how to work the camera lol)


Play suit is from new look, sandles are from Primark and the bag my sister bought it from me when she went to Uganda.




They were in their own world lol