So my name is Mabel and I live in Essex in UK. I have lived in Essex going to 10 years and before that I used to live with my mum before I moved out to go live with my now partner. I have 2 children a boy Jerome and a girl Faith who I love the world over. I had my daughter quite early in my 20’s so I put my studies on hold but I have recently just finished my 3 years degree in Tourism Management which I never thought I would complete as its really difficult when you have children but with Gods grace I was apply to stick it out and completed it in May 2016 and soon will be graduating in October 2016. In August 2015 I started a Youtube vlog channel which am very proud of and enjoy doing. I had thought about starting one a few years back but I did not feel confident enough to start one and it was quite intimidating watching all the other vloggers. So that’s me in a few sentences as I don’t want to bore you with all the details lol.


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